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Ready to feel & look Phenomenal?

JuuvaFIT is designed to help YOU take control of your health. Whether you want to become healthier, gain
mobility, lose weight, tone & tighten, or become more fit, the JuuvaFIT Challenge will help you achieve your
goals. As a participant, you’ll experience expert coaching, powerful products, meal planning ideas, motivating community, individual team support, recognition, and serious progress towards your best body!

Over 13,750 Lbs. Lost


*The causes for being unhealthy and overweight vary from person to person due to genetics, environmental factors, food intake, metabolism, and differing levels of exercise. Because of this, results from the JuuvaFIT Program may vary. No individual result should be seen as typical. In fact, typical weight loss is expected to be around 1-2 pounds per week.

Turn up the HEAT 2024 Challenge
Runs from April 16 to June 17, 2024.
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It's time to transform!

By joining the JuuvaFIT challenge, you’ll enjoy professional coaching along your path to transformation.

Travis and Megan Dutson love living a healthy lifestyle and all that comes with it. They are always learning and practicing ways to become better, which includes all areas of healthy living – mental well-being, nutrition, exercise, and physical fitness. They love challenges and have competed in numerous marathons, triathlons, and other events. Because of their expertise, they have been called on to participate in improving the programs of numerous health facilities and clients who range from college students, to moms, to celebrities of all ages. Travis enjoys having his wife’s knowledge and expertise to make their lives better.

JuuvaFIT coaches and honorary coaches will assist you by:

  • Educating and inspiring the teams during a weekly Facebook Live
  • Teach the “move of the week” for all fitness levels
  • Provide meal plan examples
  • Send out motivating/informative emails and text messages
  • Conduct live exercise sessions on Facebook
  • Show how food can work with your body
  • And much more!
Combining her love for healthy living, her level-up mindset, and her love of nutrition, Megan has successfully designed scientific-based and results-oriented fitness programs which are shared. They also share their love of walking their dog, hiking, exercising, traveling with friends, and spending some quality time with her two daughters.


“Health isn’t all about the way you look, it’s about the way you feel.” – Megan Dutson, JuuvaFIT Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Weight Loss Specialist

The Honorary Coaches

Ron Burgess

Ron Burgess

I had always considered myself to be very fit orientated but like lots of us over time I had put on several additional pounds. Running a very busy glass company I would use the excuse I was too busy and get most of my daily food from fast food or gas stations. Unexpectedly in 2018 on Friday the 13th I had a massive heart attack. During recovery, my doctor told me I was obese and needed to lose weight. After a few years still struggling to lose weight, I participated in the first JuuvaFIT challenge and began to see real results and I finally learned how to lose weight and keep it off. JuuvaFIT changed my life and I love helping others change theirs.

Phyllis Jones

I have participated in all the JuuvaFit Challenges. I started out thinking it was a little hokey. Then I started to see lives change. People got slimmer, more flexible, made new friends, made better choices in all areas of their lives. I have had amazing experiences with really cool people on every challenge. I love the Juuva products that help me feel better every day. I am getting younger because of the great products. I am loving the tips from Megan and Travis. Everyone can improve their health by being part of JuuvaFit.


Choose Your Focus

Get the best results

The JuuvaFIT Challenge features the absolute best products available today for achieving life-long health and for shifting your body into fat-burning mode. Using these potent nutritional products provides high-impact support for the core areas of your health.

If you are new to Juuva, you can create a new Customer or Distributor account for your initial purchase. You can also set up a convenient monthly Subscribe and Save order, so you have the products you need for success. You can edit or cancel this monthly order anytime.

If you already have a Juuva account and products, then simply place an order for the products you need.

Join a TEAM

Our most successful weight loss stories happened as a team.  With your team, you’ll have daily contact to provide support and encouragement.  You’ll also have a weekly team call.  Accountability and support are the best ways to create long lasting results.

How It Works

As a Participant, you’ll earn individual points by making healthy choices throughout the day for:

→ Points are tallied and displayed on the JuuvaFIT Leaderboard.

→ Team points are received by connecting with the team each day (usually through texts or social media) and attending the weekly team call. Team points are tallied together to achieve Team Recognition levels.

→ Individual points are tallied and displayed on the JuuvaFIT Leaderboard. At the end of the Challenge, individual prizes and recognition are for those who achieve the Warrior and Top Achiever levels. Point Champions and Transformation Champions are chosen from the qualifying Top Achievers.

Individual Recognition


Top Achiever

Points Champion

Transformation Champion










  • Warrior Recognition
  • Warrior Award
  • Top Achiever Recognition
  • Top Achiever Award
  • Points Champion
  • $125 Juuva Product Credit
  • Transformation Champion Recognition
  • $100 Juuva Product Credit
In each JuuvaFIT challenge, a Transformation Champion will be selected, earning them a prize of $150 in Juuva Bucks. To qualify for this award, participants must attain at least Warrior status during the current challenge. Additionally, they need to email juuvafit.com by June 21, 2024 with before & after pictures along with a testimonial sharing their personal JuuvaFIT journey.

Team Recognition

Top Team

Rookie Elite Captain

Elite Captain

Honorary Coach




  • Recognition
  • Top Team Pin
  • Rookie Elite Captain Recognition & Medal
  • $200 Juuva Product Credit
  • Elite Captain Recognition & Medal
  • $200 Juuva Product Credit
  • Honorary Coach Recognition & Medal
  • $200 Juuva Product Credit
  • Help Coach the next JuuvaFIT Challenge

* Recognition and prices are subject to change. See Challenge Rules for details.

For questions about or support for the JuuvaFIT Challenge, email juuvafit@juuva.com or contact Customer Service
at (801) 528-1894 (8AM-5PM MST Monday-Friday).

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